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Alpha Mathematics

Alpha Math consists of two volumes for each grade that have distinctive and rich content. The content is built on the Common Core State Standards. The instructions and practices are designed in accordance with the learning domains of Bloom’s taxonomy to help build a deep, strong and innovative foundation in mathematics.

The program includes interactive, visual, and differentiated learning styles that address the needs of all learners.

  • Assessing the prior knowledge before starting new topics.
  • Hands-on activity as a lesson starter.
  • Clear and organised steps to deliver mathematical concepts.
  • Rich visuals and strategies to provide multiple approaches to doing mathematics.
  • Guided differentiated practices.
  • Independent differentiated practices.
  • Problem-solving that improves reading & writing in mathematics as well as developing critical thinking skills.
  • Organised vocabulary in each lesson that builds on itself.
  • Student Edition + 1 yr Digital Access
  • Practice Book
  • Teacher’s Edition + 1 yr Digital Access
  • Differentiated Books
  • Multiple Intelligence Activitities
  • Anchor Activities
  • Exit Cards
  • Assessment Book
  • Interactive Games

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