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Alpha Science program is designed to provide all students with a comprehensive 1-5 science education. It has been developed based on the Next Generation Science Standards; instructional materials employ educational best practices to deliver science content that is interwoven with science skills, engineering, technology, artistic design, and mathematics.

Alpha science strikes a balance between introducing science concepts, deepening students understanding by having them apply science skills and knowledge of content to solve real-world problems.


  • Developed based on the Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Write-in student book.
  • Leveled science practices are embedded throughtout the book.
  • The questions encourage students to use different levels and types of thinking.
  • The lessons are developed using the 5Es instructional model.
  • Achieve the connections with the ELA and math CCSS.
  • Connecting science with the real world.
  • Student Edition + 1 yr Digital Access
  • Practice Book
  • Teacher’s Edition + 1 yr Digital Access
  • Multiple Intelligence Activitities
  • Anchor Activities
  • Exit Cards
  • Assessment Book
  • Interactive Games

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