Who we are

Elmia Bookstores is a leading education company in the Kingdom of Bahrain, working with students and teachers from Pre-K through grade 12, as well as adult learners at college and university. We supply a wide variety of print and digital learning content and assessment materials our underlying aim is to provide opportunities for learners at every stage of their educational development. As a distributors of educational books, materials and knowledge based products for more than 19 years in the Bahrain and the region. Through understanding our client’s requirement, has enabled us to provide excellent service and on time delivery, while maintaining our competitive prices have made us the leaders in the education distribution field. As we are dynamic providers of quality education products and services, we always strive to offer you quality advice at all levels of education publication from Nursery through to college level, providing resources ranging from textbooks to library books. Our main aim is to provide Educational Institutions all their essential needs – We are your ‘One Stop Shop’ with Elmia Bookstores we enable you to be connected.

How we can help your School

As book specialists we know our books and supply to most of schools with the learning materials. we help the schools getting the right resources for their budget.

Educational Consulting

To facilitate this we provide consultancy services to teachers and educational establishments in Bahrain. Through Elmia Bookstores your are connected.

Teacher Training

We will work with your teachers to enable them to bring innovative practices to the classroom to ensure a stimulating and productive learning environment for students.